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Soldiers Cemetery for Danes rededicated in northern France

Soldiers Cemetery for Danes rededicated in northern France
A number of Danish Slesvigers was called upon the German Army during the first World War II and a Danish memorial for the fallen 5,333 Slesvigers will now be rededicated.
It happens on the Danish soldiers cemetery in Braine in northern France. The rededication will officially be done by HRH Prince Joachim Saturday 15 June 2013. The cemetery is located near the town hall in Braine, Place Charles de Gaulle.
The cemetery has been renovated, and the 5,333 South Jutland soldiers who died in the first World War as conscripted into German military service, are reminded with their names on new, architect-designed plaques.
The Soldiers cemetery in Braine has since 1924 been the graveyard of Southern Jutland soldiers, which fell in German military service during the first World War. The cemetery, built in typical Danish style, has now been renovated, and the story is communicated better. It is done with plates and signs at the entrance which is equipped with QR codes so the story provided by the Museum Sønderjylland can be downloaded to your mobile phone.
The project has been carried out by Kulturstyrelsen and the Den Sønderjyske Fonds Mindelegat. The businessman Laurids Jessen has donated 700.000 kr. to the project and the danish Ministry of Culture has donated a similar amount.
Illustration: At the entrance to the memorial site for the fallen Slesvigers in 1 World War a sign with text in French, German and Danish has been set up: "From the Danish North Schleswig several thousand young men are resting in the soil of France"

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