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Suitcase from World War 1 nurse discovered

Suitcase from World War 1 nurse discovered


In Scotland, a very old suitcase from a World War 1 nurse has been found in a University. A cupboard in the Psychology Department of Abertay University in Dundee had a secret, an old suitcase somehow battered, but still containing documents and memorabilia from World War 1.
The suitcase apparently belonged to a nurse, Margaret Maule.
Noone at the university has any recollection of a nurse by that name, and how the suitcase ended in the cupboard is a complete mystery. The content of the suitcase are fascinating as the university can piece together some of the life of Margaret Maule.
The suitcase contains documents dating back to 1914 and a diary of the nurse.
She hoped very much to be send overseas, but she was in fact send to Dartford War Hospital in Kent - a 1.100 seated hospital mainly for Prisoner of Wars. When she arrived at the hospital her first sight caught a german aeroplane shoot down a few night before near the hospital.
Margaret Maule retired as a nurse in 1969 and the University would like to hear more about the woman.
Maybe it is your turn next time to make such a nice discovery searching the house.

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