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The founders of WW1and2 is Sven and Poul, interesting in many aspects of our past, and this will be expressed in many of the subjects and topics shown on side. Not only do we sell historical testimonies, but trying to open a once was world for people living in our time, maybe even forgetting the past and the sufferings burdening people making this world today a better one.
This site WW1and2 is located in one of the historic focal points where the country and the people met, and with the tips of the nails survived both Danes, Swedes, Russians, Germans and Finns, and nearly up to our date still faces challenges from the big bear in the East.
Despite this, or perhaps because of these experiences, we invite you in, participated in discussions, to read and come forward with your comments and draft articles - and from time to time we also invite to a sale or two.
Sven and Poul
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